Silver Lining: our backyard desert

September 28, 2016

our backyard desert

When we first moved into our apartment three months ago, the farthest we explored on foot was the mailboxes and the pool. I blame this on being hugely pregnant with twins during the hottest part of the year, being on modified bedrest, and then being in the trenches of two newborns plus a very energetic toddler.

Now that the twins are two months old and we're getting a little more sleep at night, we've been trying to emerge from our summer hibernation and explore where we live. We heard that behind the business park next to our community were a few South Mountain hiking trails, so we decided to see for ourselves.

You guys. It is so gorgeous. I keep being surprised by these Arizona deserts. From far away they look dead and blah, but they are anything but dead. These deserts are colorful, alive, incredibly beautiful, and literally humming with energy. (Actually they're humming with various unseen bugs, but still - it's a crazy energy.)

^^I've tried so hard to capture Link's Worried Old Man face, and I finally got it! This kid cracks us up.
^^Oh hey Phoenix
^^This picture captures the two things Claire loves most: rocks and her new shoes, which she likes to wear while running and shouting, "I so fast! I so fast!"

We had the best family night walking these trails, and vowed to go back often as it gets cooler -  and now that we know it's a 10 minute walk from our house. Arizona, you've done it again.

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