Silver Lining: 3 little moments

October 10, 2016

3 little moments

Adjusting to post-vacation life is always a little rough, but this time around it was ROUGH. It has been a crazy few days since we returned from our weekend trip. For one, dinner no longer magically appears at 6pm every night. As it turns out, if I want dinner these days, I have to make it myself. (Who knew?) Claire has been suffering an extreme case of attention withdrawal and subsequent toddler tantrums, the twins have lingering colds, and Sam just barely finished finals, which meant he went 48 hours without seeing his children on two separate occasions last week. I keep thinking we'll look back on this past week and laugh about it. "Remember how the car broke down in the middle of a busy road with all three kids inside? Hahaha!"

But hey. Even in the craziness, there have been a few really sweet moments. Here are three little glimpses that have gotten me through the craziness of the past few days (not pictured: the swarm of McDonald's workers that rushed into the road to push my car to safety. Thank you random employees!).

1. The weather has been gorgeous here in Arizona. Since I was pregnant with twins and so sick last winter, I feel like this is my first real winter to enjoy Arizona, and I'm so excited. We go outside every day and I love it. More hikes to come as the weather gets even cooler!

2. You guys, my twins are so cute. I get that I'm their mom so I'm basically obligated to think they're cute, but seriously. They're adorable. Especially now that they're smiling a lot. And sleeping a little better at night. Funny how those two things have such a direct correlation. ;)

^^Their identical poses! We love to hang out and make our post-bath lotion time a little family ritual. We use JOHNSON'S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash and Extra Moisturizing Cream, which to me is the quintessential heavenly baby smell. I grew up with this smell and love that it's ultra-mild and keeps the twins' skin soft all day and night. Learn more about JOHNSON'S® here and visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter here.

3. This girl got an Anna costume and she is in love. She wears it all the time and sings her favorite Frozen songs too (incidentally, her favorite Frozen songs are all of them). With her, Frozen isn't just a movie we watched once. It's a lifestyle.

 ^^Aunt Ellie is visiting this week and we are so happy about it!

This week is looking infinitely better. Sam is on fall break, so I get him home with me! We have plans to go to a pumpkin patch (still not sure how I feel about a pumpkin patch when it's 90 degrees outside) and try to sneak in one last swim of the year. Bring it on, fall break.

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