Silver Lining: cute babies and photography clients

October 21, 2016

cute babies and photography clients

This week, I had the amazing opportunity to help photograph custom model homes in Phoenix. It was a whirlwind few days of gorgeous kitchens, talented lifestyle models, lots of food staging, and tons of raw video and photo coverage. Like all my favorite photography opportunities, I learned a lot and got to work with some extremely talented creative professionals.

I also learned more about how being consistently away from home affects my family. Like most working moms, I'm always striving to find that balance between income and home life, between your passion for your career and your love for your family, between being gone and being home. Let's just say that today, now that the custom home job is finished, I am so excited to relax with my babies and just be a mom all day. We've spent the morning reading books and dancing around the living room, and I'm in heaven. (If anyone has the whole working mom balance thing figured out, please enlighten me!)

What I'd love to do is share pictures of those gorgeous homes, but they won't go live until February, so in the mean time I want to share a few moments that have happened at home recently.
My twinners hit three months this week, and I'm still in shock. Everyone was right: time absolutely flies by with your second child (second and third children in my case). I am loving these smiley babies  - and their much improved sleep habits - lately. (P.S. These braided leather pacifier clips have made everything so much easier. See them here!)

Claire educating Lincoln about the many features of this toy. "Blue one butterfly. Orange one butterfly. So cute. This elephant has big big ear. Don't touch it. Baby Wink is a brother, baby Addie is a sister. Blue one butterfly."

^^ Cute kisses

Jumping on the air mattress with Claire. We recently deflated this mattress since we don't have any guests on the near horizon, and Claire hasn't yet gotten over the loss. ;)

Happy Friday, friends!
Thank you so much, as always, for reading along.

PS - The twins' coordinating outfits are c/o Olive the Things, their paci clips are c/o Loved by Sophia Claire, and the jungle gym toy (which all three of my kids have absolutely adored) can be found here. The bed jumping pictures were taken by Photography Hill. :)

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