Silver Lining: that perfect fall leaf window of time

October 4, 2016

that perfect fall leaf window of time

When cheap plane tickets are available, and when you have a very nice aunt who offers to help you with the babies on the flight, there's really no choice but to go visit your family for a few days. I'm just getting back from a weekend trip to Alpine, and let me tell you - it was so nice seeing the fam, eating all their delicious food, and getting help with the babies.

Something I didn't bargain for? The gorgeous fall leaves. I swear there are two weeks of picture perfect fall weather in Utah County every year, and I got there just in time. In fact, right when I left it had begun to snow on the mountains and the perfect weather window was closing. 

I made my siblings promise we'd drive up the canyon and take pictures. If you missed it on my Instagram story, it turned into a car dancing, music blasting, windows down fall leaf adventure. And of course I documented it. ;)

And now I'm trading fall leaves and extra helping hands for those old familiar cacti and seeing my husband again. Assuming I can make it through another flight with two babies and a toddler without losing my mind or looking like the craziest traveling circus there ever was. ;)

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