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November 14, 2016

inspiring podcasts for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creatives

Remember when I confessed I'd fallen in love with podcasts? I'm happy to say my love for them is still going strong (and getting stronger!). Earlier I posted 5 podcasts you'll love if you're a beginning listener. I still listen to these quite a bit, but today I wanted to share the other category of podcasts I'm really in to: podcasts that inspire me as a blogger, entrepreneur, and worker in the creative industry.

(It's still weird for me to say I work in the creative industry when sometimes it just feels like I sit around in my pajamas and blog late at night when the kids have finally fallen asleep. But part of what I'm learning on these podcasts is to embrace and own what you are, and as a blogger who creates original content, I'm a creative entrepreneur. So here we go!)

If your Monday is anything like mine (filled with dishes, laundry, and a million other household tasks), here are some great podcasts to inspire and motivate you as you work.


The Lively Show
Jess Lively has won all sorts of awards for her positive, uplifting, empowering podcast about intention. She speaks so knowledgeably of balance, hard work, and adding intention into your life - as a mother, as a small business owner, or whatever other capacities you have. She also has amazing guests. This is one podcast I never miss an episode of, because they always inspire me to work smarter, not harder, and make decisions with intention and purpose.

If you loved the book The Happiness Project, you'll love this podcast created by the author. Each episode is about how to increase your general happiness - in life, at work, at home, in hard times, in times of abundance, when you're sitting in a traffic jam. The episodes are bright, honest, and relatable, and always leave me excited to be better and happier in my work and with my family.


Entre Leadership
On almost every episode of this podcast, a famous entrepreneur is interviewed and shares their story of the pitfalls and lucky breaks that lead to their success. I love being inspired by different people's stories and strategies. Sometimes a leadership strategiest will come on and talk about managing companies (or some other topic that's not relevant if you have less than 50 employees), but I can't get enough of the personal entrepreneur success stories.

By now, you've probably at least heard of Sophia Amoruso and her #girlboss movement. Each episode of this Girlboss podcast interviews a world-class female entrepreneur about the mark they've made on the world, how they did it, and lessons they've learned along the way. Occasionally Sophia's voice and demeanor bugs me a little, but it's a small price to pay for the awesome ladies who come on her show and share their story.


After the Jump
This podcast is actually discontinued. There are 100 episodes, and they ended at the end of 2014. It's crazy to think how outdated some of these episodes are: social media strategy is radically different from what it was two years ago. But a lot of these episodes about the best practices of blogging are still SO good, like how to deal with (and prevent!) criticism online and how to figure out how much to charge. They're straight forward and well-researched.

Social Pros
This podcast shares current best practices for social media marketing. Market analyists and social media pros from large companies share current initiatives in their field and how they are using social media to market their message most effectively. In a few cases, these episodes are geared more toward large companies than personal bloggers, but I almost always come away with practical, useful tips I can implement as I share on my social media channels.


99% Invisible
This show is dedicated to design - to how things work behind the scenes, how everyday things like food pouches and the Pantone color of the year got started, and the crazy "invisible" process of creative designers. These episodes are short and cover interesting topics from the half-houses in Chile to how the "average" consumer ideal was formed.

Young House Love Has a Podcast

This is a podcast all about the behind-the-scenes from John and Sherry, who write the popular DIY blog Young House Love. Their podcast covers tips and tricks of their current projects, funny stories of DIY fails they've had, as well as how they balance their life outside of work. Sometimes it's hard to visualize what they're talking about without pictures, but I like that they share the not-so-perfect stories that don't make the cut for the blog.


Raise Your Hand Say Yes
I'm in love with this podcast. Tiffany Han is a branding and creative genius, but I love how simple, honest, and transparent her podcasts are. Plus she frequently has amazing guests that share what they do to live a creative, extraordinary life.

For fellow small business owners, etc: Which podcasts am I missing?
Any others that inspire you in your work and creativity?

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