Silver Lining: when a day at the park feels like vacation

November 9, 2016

when a day at the park feels like vacation

Last week, my husband was at school until 10:30pm four out of five evenings. I don't want to talk about it. (Grad school. It's fine. I just like to complain and wallow in the self-pity of feeling like a single mom sometimes.)

So, on Monday afternoon, when Sam texted me out of the blue and told me to meet him at our favorite park in an hour, you can imagine the flurry of excitement our household was thrown into. Also, just a general flurry, because leaving the house with three kids under three is NOT for the faint of heart. I swear it takes me a full hour to get three diapers changed, three kids dressed, two bottles packed, two extra blankets and burp cloths and pacifiers found, and all three kids buckled into their carseats. Bonus points if I remember to get myself dressed too. ;)

But then we got to the park and it was so incredibly lovely. We didn't have a single time constraint that night. We just took turns pushing the stroller and running around with Claire. It was 75 degrees and breezy and wonderful.

 We love to walk around this lake. It doesn't smell nearly as pretty as it looks though. ;)

I legitimately feel like a third wheel around these two sometimes. Sam is so in love with Claire, and she totally has him wrapped around her finger. Look at the darling kisses she was giving - right before she very sweetly demanded to be carried. 
 I'm just now realizing I didn't get a single picture of the twins that night. Which is a shame, because they were so darn cute looking around in their stroller and grinning up at me.
 We were walking and suddenly Claire said, "Look daddy! It's a one!" So I guess I should teach her the rest of the numbers now?

Trying to pass on my Oregonian tree-hugging ways ;)
We stayed out till it got dark, and then we came home for yummy roast beef sandwiches. It was the best afternoon I've had in a while.

And check us out last November at this same park! Claire was so little, and we were blissfully unaware that two babies had just started growing inside me. ;)

Happy Wednesday!
What's been your favorite low-key evening lately?

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