Silver Lining: family pictures 2016

December 7, 2016

family pictures 2016

The truth is I started crying the second I saw these pictures.

My awesome photographer, Chrissy, sent me a sneak peek one Friday morning, and as soon as I opened it up on my phone I just started crying.

This blog is a sunny-side-up affair. It's generally happy and upbeat and positive, and I intentionally keep it that way. I feel strongly that our attitude helps determine our circumstances, so I share the authentic happy parts of my life. It helps me be happier, and I hope it spreads happiness to others as well.

But the truth is life is just hard. Having a husband in grad school, and all the circumstances that come with it, is so hard. Having three kids in two years is so hard. Twins are so hard. Trying to be a great mom and a great wife and a great volunteer at church and everything else is so hard. Working part-time on top of that is so hard. Doing all this while being sleep deprived is so hard.

But as I sat there staring at the four-inch picture on my phone, I was flooded with an overwhelming sense of peace. It made me realize that hard things are good for us. That our life is so so rich and full and beautiful - sleepless nights included. And most of all I felt like there are things worth working hard for, and my family is worth every single second of work Sam and I have put into it.

And then I got the rest of the album later and just sat there, scrolling through the pictures on my computer with a smile on my face (and more tears on my cheeks), thinking how wonderful our life is, and how blessed we are to have something worth working hard for.

And that's the story of how a four-inch picture made me cry.

All pictures done by Let Me See You Sparkle Photography, and let me tell you, Chrissy is an absolute magician behind that camera.

P.S. Previous annual family pictures:

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2014 - When Claire was a tiny squishy thing
2013 - Looking at these makes me miss Jason so much!
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2011 - Wedding pictures (we were babies!)

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