Silver Lining: sledding!

January 2, 2017


I frequently refer to last winter as the Dark Ages. I knew I was newly pregnant and in the throes of morning sickness, but I had no idea there were two babies growing inside me, which was why I felt so incredibly sick and tired for the entire holiday season.

When we came to visit family last December, I spent a good portion of the time laying in bed eating plain Cheerios (the only thing I could stomach) while my family did fun things without me. It was distinctly terrible in terms of holiday celebrations.

Needless to say, I was excited for this year's (non-pregnant) festivities. I actually ate the yummy food. I met up with friends. I went to family parties. I went sledding. 

I was particularly excited about the sledding, and it did not disappoint. We went up the canyon to Tibble Fork to find a great hill. Claire was highly reluctant to try her first run, but after that she was hooked.

^^ So much concentration involved in throwing a snowball

 ^^My kids only have one cousin and it's this cutie in blue. We so wish they lived closer!

 ^^Sledding in basketball shorts because clearly he is insane

Two weeks of snow is perfect for me - I go sledding and marvel at the beauty of freshly-fallen snow, and then I go back to my warm cactus landscapes and love that I never have the stress of an icy commute or a frozen windshield scraping. Hooray for family we can visit when we crave a cold climate.

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