Silver Lining: an afternoon at the train park

February 21, 2017

an afternoon at the train park

When our friends invited us to spend an afternoon with them at the train park last week, we jumped at the chance. Sam's in the middle of the job search for after graduation (I can't believe we're almost to the end of grad school!) and the hunt just might kill him. You guys, he is so stressed out, and feels so much pressure to find the perfect job. We really needed a few hours to just be together and have fun as a family.

We first became friends with the Cooks in college, and we LOVE that they are in the Phoenix area too. The total opposite side of the huge Phoenix metropolis, but hey. It was so fun to spend two hours catching up and chatting about babies and life. Well, mostly we wrangled my fussy pre-bedtime children, but you know, it's nice to wrangle children together while sneaking in snippets of conversation at the same time. :)

We went to the McCormick-Stillman train park in Scottsdale and it was so much fun. I still can't get over the entire building full of working model trains. There's also a fun merry-go-round. And Claire is still talking about the train ride we went on (only $2!). All in all, such a fun place to spend an afternoon (and it's practically deserted if you go on a weekday).

^^ Sometimes I forget how big cactuses/cacti really are. Then I see pictures of them that are easily 20 feet tall. It was almost to the top of that tree in the background.
After the train ride and model trail museum, we had a picnic dinner at the huge playground and picnic area right next to the train tracks. We played until the sun went down and the twins were thaaaat close to a total breakdown. Then we got to enjoy a nice drive home with sleepy silent babies in the back. Thanks again for the invitation, Ryan and Carly! It was such a fun afternoon.

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