Silver Lining: a gallery wall for the twins' nursery

March 17, 2017

a gallery wall for the twins' nursery

I've wanted to attempt a gallery wall for years and years, but it always seemed way too intimidating. Like, you have to collect stuff from different places? Over an extended period of time? And you have to make sure none of it matches but all of it coordinates? And you have to place everything in a pattern that looks eclectic but has actually been meticulously planned out?

It seemed too complicated for me, which is probably why I've never made one until last week in the twins' nursery.

I didn't actually start out with a plan to make a gallery wall. I just came across the "this is my happy place" sign at Hobby Lobby, and something about the simple colors, white space, and cute sentiment totally grabbed me. I brought it home, propped it up on the top of the twins' dresser, and thought, "Hey, this would be great as part of a gallery wall."

So I did it! It's not perfect, and I had surprising amounts of stress while sorting through all the decor I owned (and a few pieces I bought) and deciding where to put everything. As it turns out, even on a gallery wall that's supposed to look a little random, I kept gravitating toward right angles and straight lines and even spacing. So apparently I'm 100% left-brained when it comes to decorating.

 Can you even believe these cute animal prints? Alyssa from Alysstrations was kind enough to send them over, and holy cow I'm in love with all of them. I honestly can't decide which little animal is my favorite, and I love how they bring a little more youth and whimsy to this wall.

I have plans to stain this ampersand one of these days. It's on my "To Do Eventually" list. But also I haven't accomplished a single thing from my To Do Eventually list since I got pregnant with twins, so at this point it's safe to assume it will stay unfinished forever.
I've been surprised how much of a difference this wall makes now that it's done. The entire room seems more put together and larger.

It almost makes up for the fact that one twin sleeps in a beautiful large white crib, and the other one sleeps in a pack-n-play in the corner. Proof:
Here are my purchase sources, in case you're wondering where something is from:
Dresser - IKEA
Lamps - Target
Noise Canceller - Amazon (link here)
Happy Place poster - Hobby Lobby
White shelves - Target
Ampersand - Hobby Lobby
Animal Illustrations c/o Allystrations
Clipboards - Hobby Lobby
Square Frame - Hobby Lobby
Yellow flowers - Target
Green succulent - Target
Plant on dresser - IKEA
Arrows - Hobby Lobby
Clock - Walmart
Cactus print - an original from a "warm-up" by the talented Art Ellie
Teddy Bear - Claire's bed... can't remember the original source

So there it is! Now that I've done one gallery wall, they seem less intimidating, and a cheap way to cover a large space. Who knows, I might even get up the courage to attempt another one sometime. I'll put it on my To Do Eventually list. ;)

PS If you're in love with these animal prints like me, head over to my Instagram for a giveaway. Super easy to enter, and hey, nothing beats free prints shipped right to your front door. :)

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