Silver Lining: two of my favorite things

March 22, 2017

two of my favorite things

This post combines two of my all-time favorite things: cute babies and the Arizona desert in the spring.

Over spring break, my friend and her kids came walking with us in the South Mountain desert one afternoon. We definitely should have checked the weather beforehand, because it was a HOT day, and naturally we went at the warmest part of the day, and naturally we had to turn back way too early because we had a total of five (mostly fussy) children with us.

But! Nevertheless! I can't get over the bright colors, the yellow and purple wildflowers everywhere, and the pretty spring desert in general. It's always good for me to get outside and explore where we live and chat with a friend.

Video is so fun, and learning how to make better home videos has been my favorite after-the-kids-are-sleeping hobby lately. Although note to self: Trying to take video while wearing a baby who wants nothing more than to tug on and eat your camera strap is not the most effective.

Click here to see the video. It's 30 seconds of cute babies and the desert, so I mean, how could it not make your Wednesday better, right? :)

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