Silver Lining: when I'm not blogging: current side hustles

May 1, 2017

when I'm not blogging: current side hustles

One thing that has really surprised me about the blogging world is all the side jobs and opportunities blogging has opened up for me. It's been fun taking on small side projects and helping people with their different ventures. It's also validating, because sometimes when you're a blogger you think all you really do is sit at home typing things on a computer screen all by yourself. But then when somebody requests your services, it's like, "Hey! You're right! I've been working in this industry for years and I, like, actually know stuff about it!"

Here are three fun side projects I've been working on lately.


Lately I've had the chance to take pictures for a few people about to open up their own businesses and launch their own products. One of the shoots I won't share yet because she wants to keep it a secret until the big launch day (can't wait!), but here's a sneak peek of the other. The product is these really cool removable handlebars for people who commute on bike.


This was a fun one. I got to go and give a professional social media consult for two separate businesses about how to have an effective and profitable online presence. Which platforms are most effective for different goals, how to create an interactive user experience, how to use the algorithms to your advantage, etc. It was a lot of fun researching and presenting on current social media strategy from the point of view of their two fields.


I have to admit, this was my very first traditional newborn shoot. AND I LOVED IT. Holy cow. Nobody told me how fun and precious and different from all other types of photography newborn shoots are. I loved it so much I have two more lined up for the coming months.

I mentioned more about these side hustles in my Instagram Story a while ago and got a few messages about what I was doing and how I was making money outside of my regular blog income. So there you have it!

P.S. If you happen to need any of these services, email me (brookie.89 at gmail) or message me on any social platform and we can chat!

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