Silver Lining: Highlights and Green Cuisine

March 18, 2010

Highlights and Green Cuisine

Last weekend I got to go to Utah! Thanks again daddy for my plane ticket birthday present. It was so good to see my very favorite people for a few days. Here are some highlights, and a very few lowlights of my trip.


Salads and chocolate-dipped strawberries with my beautiful cousins and brother

Revising the Taylor Family Marriage List (none of us are married yet for mysterious reasons beyond our control)

Masquerade birthday party

Being back with my best friends

Random kisses from distant rich relatives

Shattered pagan symbols

Grandma’s quilts

A Walt Whitman read-aloud

Going to the temple

Delicious desserts (too many of them)




Footy pajamas

Improvised birthday candles…

Sleepovers in which the ratio of girls to beds was more than 2:1

Katie and I finally being roommates again!

Old home teachers whom I secretly want to marry

In-n-out for the first time ever

Attractive Irish men and good ‘ole Louis

Not going to bed before 2 am, as a rule

Powdered sugar flames and drooly failed attempts

Not making a single sack lunch or doing a single load of laundry for anybody

Remembering about real life and how it goes on and how it can be happy

There were only a few lowlights of the trip. Number one – Liberty Square parking. SO bad. And the time I had to leave someone and we were both crying (that was definitely NOT on my to-do list). Another downside were the times I pretended to be happy and smiling and bright when I didn’t feel happy or smiling or bright. Also a sobbing visit to a frozen graveyard in which I felt huge raw holes in my toes and heart from numbing snow and death, respectively.

But hey, let’s not let those few things overshadow the huge list of good things.


On a separate note, happy St. Patrick’s Day yesterday!

In a strange burst of inventive domestic energy, I made these after-school snacks for the kids, topped with GREEN BELL PEPPERS IN THE SHAPE OF SHAMROCKS! Creative, right? And don’t they look good???

Well, turns out the kids didn’t like them. Apparently the entire world doesn’t share my passion for bell peppers?

Also, I made a delicious kiwi lime pie for dessert. Mmmmmm. Feel free to comment on how cute and domestic I am becoming. (I say domestic when the word that really fits is motherly. Yes I'm in denial.)

(I only indulged a TINY bit in thoughts of earlier, happier St. Patrick's Days, involving green cake and green virgin margaritas and trips to the duck pond...)


  1. You have natural blog talent. And your kiwi pie beats the heck out of my smothered in green frosting lemon bundt cake. PS... the following did not occur during our St. Patty's day fest: pina colada drinking, strip poker, dancing to german techno in our undies and an hour of bean dipping. I lub you!

  2. Agreed with the blog writing talent!

    Also, you should know, I share your love of green peppers. They are delicious!

  3. Brooke...I'm one of those people that gets a real kick out of reading peoples blogs. Your's is darling!! I wondered if single people in college were ex-nayed from it...clearly not because I love yours! Mmmm...pie and your green pepper is so stinkin cute. I can't believe you came up with that yourself. You're so dang creative!! You're the kind of person I steal creative ideas off of :) and only because I'm jealous and only when you're not looking :) Hope you don't mind too bad! -Whitney

  4. I can eat green peppers like apples...they are my favorite. I'll have to try your idea some time.

    I'm so happy you got to have a little trip away. Emma told me on the way to dance that she was so happy to have you back again. :)


    Although I can't feel the holes in your heart, my heart feels tender towards you and your family...each and every day. I'm glad you got to visit your mom.

  5. So, I totally commented on this earlier, but alas it didn't show up. Anyways, I said something totally awesome... .. . .. oh i remember! Your kiwi pie looks awesome, and I'm sure you at least enjoyed the peppers even if your fam didn't. Peppers bring up a certain memory of a certain meal made by a certain roommate made of 1500 red and green peppers and 3 lbs of cheddar cheese. hehe seriously the best.. .. . . Love you!


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