Silver Lining: Hello, Hello

April 14, 2010

Hello, Hello

Dear Hello,

Hello! Can we please rekindle our long-lost friendship?

I’ve been spending entirely too much time with your counterpart, goodbye. I know, I know, you can’t have one without the other. Okay. I get that.

Which is why I tried not to sigh too loudly when I had to say goodbye to my roommates, to my college, to everything. Not to mention THE goodbye which people take extreme measures to avoid talking about in my presence {maybe they think that if they don’t say anything I’ll forget what happened?}.

But I’m really really really done with goodbye. I even said goodbye to my history of music assignment as I submitted it today {which is saying something, since I put off saying goodbye to that blasted essay for at least four weeks}.

And I am extremely ready to say goodbye to the pair of pierced lip, college guys whom I had the (dis)pleasure of talking to at the grocery store. Although they did have the extraordinary linguistic gift of making conversation entirely out of four-letter explicit words.

So much talent in so skinny jeans.

So I gave goodbye a swift kiss on the cheek to show my appreciation for his efforts, and then escorted him out. And I would please like to escort you in.

I’m ready to say hello to sunshine again!

And new running and workout schedules!

And more friends!

And dates!

And a million other things.

And so, my dear hello, I look forward to your imminent arrival.

Cordially yours,


P.S. I even listened to a faster, remade version of Hello Goodbye by the Beatles on my run today, in a half-hearted attempt to speed your arrival. The only thing that happened was the slimy death of a small bug that flew into my mouth… this doesn’t mean anything, right? Right??


  1. your words is be my words yo...

  2. brooke, don't tell anybody but your blog is my favorite to read! i just wish you could read it to me in person whilst i follow you around the apartment. sigh. cheers.

  3. im offended. but seriously, brooke your blog is adorably i love you, welcome to the world of HELLO's!you are soo good to go running- i just gave up :p

  4. Brooke, you make my day! Love you!


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