Silver Lining: Adding to the Lists

April 18, 2010

Adding to the Lists

This week I added two things to two lists.

First. To the list of Everyday Things That Make Me Happy, I added these:

Walmart sweatpants.

From the men’s section.

They were $5.

The best $5 investment I’ve ever made.

These sweatpants save me {on average} five times a week.

They make everything better.

They even have deep pockets. The kind that things actually fit in!

And if I wear them with my Walmart men’s sweatshirt, you can’t even tell I’m a girl.

It’s fabulous.

Secondly, to my list of Things I Hate, I added this:

Lady Gaga.

It was bad enough when Fergie couldn’t possibly think of anything at all to sing about, so she started spelling out words in her songs. (Unfortunately, we all remember G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S).

But Lady Gaga has taken it to the next level. Now I'm not creative at all, but don't you think it's a problem when someone is so artistically deprived that they're reduced to singing nothing but random phonetic syllables? See graph below.

(RAH)2 (AH)3 + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)2 (OOH) (LA)2

And yes, I do blame Lady Gaga singlehandedly for the increase in illiteracy in America, as well as the decrease of common sense. =)

Anyway. I’ve been having a good week with my Al-o (back from school for a few days) and my Meg-o (six days till her wedding! So excited).

Happy Sunday,


P.S. How weird is it that I even miss finals week?


  1. I LOVE sweatpants! I even love saying sweatpants. Sweatpants sweatpants sweatpants. Not nearly as fun to type the word as to say it, and both of those are way less fun than actually wearing them... I think I'll go put some on now, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. so since you like men's sweatpants, does this mean i have to like girl sweatpants? or that since the gender barrier has been crossed, that manpris can make a comeback? ya? ya? lub you.....

  3. Haha but don't you think Sweatpants is a weird word? And kind of gross. Sweat? Pants made for sweat? Ew. And no Levi, my love, manpris cannot and will not ever make a comeback. First step manpris, second step plunging V-neck shirts, and it's all downhill from there!

  4. Great blog, Brooke! I want to be listed as a "follower" or "follow-ee" whatever the case may it lots and I read it all.You are so amazing, clever and cute.
    Love, Mama O.

  5. The first time I heard that Lady Gaga song I really thought it was a commercial for the Ramada Inn. I figured out it wasn't pretty quickly, but it was a weird 10 seconds or so. Even now I'm not really sure what she is saying... but your equation helped a bit. And Jen tried to help me figure it out over Christmas, but it really just doesn't make sense! I still think the Ramada Inn could use it for an ad. If only I worked for them, I would be on that pronto!!

  6. If you blog about her, you're just feeding her popularity!


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