Silver Lining: In the interim

April 25, 2010

In the interim

I've been awful at blogging lately.

So many things to tell you about. So few pictures.

I promise I'm working on it!

But just to hold you over until I get things together...

My littlest brother Nicholas got baptized yesterday! It was wonderful. My uncle gave a talk that had our entire family in tears by the end, for obvious reasons. It was perfect.

{sister sandwich}

Nicko looks so cute, squinting there in the sun with his precious little smile and his perfect ski-jump nose. And here's one of Nicko with daddy. It's so precious, I couldn't resist.

More is coming this week, I promise! Pictures from Meghan's beautiful wedding day, a blog about all the people who have been inspiring me lately, and maybe even something about birds. Maybe.

Love you all,


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