Silver Lining: Mind Block

April 28, 2010

Mind Block

Can’t concentrate.

I’ve been having a huge mind block this whole night.

I need to write so much. {Several missionary letters, a pioneer story for this obscure and somewhat suspicious writing contest, blogs about important things like best friend’s wedding, etc. Even a grocery list, if that counts.}

But I can’t concentrate!

I already tried my brain power quick-fixes.

1. I put on my sweatpants (for previous sweatpant raves, click here)

2. I tied my hair back

3. I put on my glasses

4. I stuck a pencil in my hair. Who knows why I do this. I never actually use the pencil.

5. I even found a bobby pin and put my bangs back {this means business!}

….but still nothing….

Pretty soon I got sick of the cursor blinking impatiently at me, so I decided to get a journal from the stack in the closet and write everything on paper.

Which naturally required a writing journal.

So I made one. It was a 45-minute process that involved some old buttons (who actually uses the extra ones they sew into the lining of shirts, right?), rummaging through the cupboards for some ribbon, sneaky-walking into my sleeping sister's room to steal the craft paper, cutting up a greeting card, and wishing desperately that I hadn’t spent the last two years avoiding Relief Society activities where you learn to be cute and creative and artsy. {Why did I only go to the ones that involved full meals??}

Here’s the finished product.

And here's the back:

Don't laugh too hard. At least I have one now, right?

But now…. All my creative attempts have been channeled through making the journal. And there’s nothing left to actually put in it.

Still haven’t written anything....

At least no impatient cursors are involved with blank pages.


  1. Brooke, my darling. Come see me at my place of business... there we sell those unused buttons... people pay good money for them! There are creative ideas out the yingyang! Well, your journal is quite cute, and come visit me at work even if you don't need any more buttons. :)

  2. you are grand. i like to color when i need to get my creativity flowing. or i clean. your journal is perfect. make more. sell them. and buy graph paper and doodle on it. that helps me, too.

  3. I find it hard to believe that my window antics were not the spark of inspiration you needed. I'll try harder.

  4. johannie binksApril 29, 2010

    make me one! make me one! mayck meee wun!!!

  5. haha you should see mine!


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