Silver Lining: 10 Things

May 16, 2010

10 Things

10 things that made me happy this weekend:

1. Emma’s Dance Rehearsal

I hope she knows how beautiful she is.

2. Waking up at 6 A.M.

Usually, not my favorite Saturday activity. But with my softest blanket, and on my favorite couch, and with the sun getting brighter, I read (and cried) my way through Umbrella Summer. It was relaxing and perfect.

3. Mini bell peppers

Love love love.

4. A long phone call from a desk worker in Provo.

He also sharpens sharp pencils.

5. Sunshine!

6. Perspective

Before I took my midterm on Friday, I talked to lady getting a distance learning degree from a university in South Africa, where she grew up. She told me about her experience with Apartheid. After it ended, the government added a lot of education initiatives, but also they lowered the education standards so more people could pass. It was an “oh yeah, I live in a small and ignorant bubble” moment.

7. Half-sized 3X5 cards

This week I found out they make notecards already cut in half!! Genius! Do you know how many minutes this will save me when I make flashcards {the night before} every exam I take???

8. Mannequins

At the mall, we saw this mannequin posed by a barbeque. The mannequin was making a very rude hand gesture… The funniest part was the eager old sales lady standing next to it. Bless her heart, she didn’t even realize. Haha.

9. Modern Interpretive Dancers

Why I love Oregon so much. Number 822.

10. Conversations with strangers.

John and I were debating the finer points of polo shirt colors. I said “you can’t go wrong with black.” Then this black guy pops out of nowhere and says “I say that all the time”. Hahaha. You seriously can't go wrong with black.

Bring on Sunday!



  1. hahaha loveee the post! Srsly. You can't go wrong with black!

  2. .......................................................................morse code

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    That was funny.

  4. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    That was very funny

  5. What if the mannequin was black. Racist...

  6. I"m rolling on the ground laughing.


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