Silver Lining: Blessed

July 13, 2010


On some days, no matter how many wonderful things are in my life, I still miss that someone who gives hugs like nobody else ever will be able to.

Someone who planned her schedule so she could talk to me on the phone every day on the way home from class.

Someone who always knew what boys I should and shouldn’t date, but didn’t tell me until I asked.

Who knew that Charles Dickens was the best author, and hot tamales were the best candy.

And that the best way to fold socks is to spread them all over the living room floor while watching a movie.

Someone who knew about the art of love, and patience, and Sweet and Sour Chicken.


Seven months down, who knows how many years to go.

But it’s okay. Because so many people and things have been making me happy lately. Such as:

Going to the temple (Mt. Timp, because the Provo one is closed practically until the Second Coming)

This man who makes me laugh and lets me cry and stays up way too late with me.

My family, who knows the importance of joking around, and putting an inner tube underneath you on the pool slide so your swimsuit doesn't rip.

Hanging out with the roommates who are in Provo right now, and talking on the phone to the ones who aren't.

Creative writing classes that teach me I'm only allowed four exclamation marks in my entire poetic career, and how to appreciate flowers. Specifically, the beautiful rose garden in my Grandma's yard.

And peaceful visits to a quiet graveyard where I think how lucky I am to have spent almost 20 whole years of my life with this wonderful lady.

I'm so blessed.


  1. Hi Brooke..I know that Lynanne was not MY mother. But everytime I would see someone in your family it would strike me that I would not see her again in this life. One time when I was a primary teacher and your mom was in the presidency, I had a class w/6 6 year old boys (yes, it was a nightmare), my dad 2 heart surgeries that week, and I came to chuch exhausted, saw your mom & cried, after sacrament, telling her I was going home & couldn't teach that day, she was so kind, & didn't make me feel guilty, told me to go home that all would be all right. that is the best memory of your mom just smiling at me, not making me feel bad & telling me it would be okay. I just loved her. -Colleen

  2. Stop it. It's hard enough!!! And there--I just used up my entire allotment of exclamation points.

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    Makes me cry, urry time! You're so amazing Brooke... and I'm even alright with Levi making the list of happy things above us!! Come to Hebgen already!! I just miss you!! -- jen

  4. I remember when I got into an accident the first time I drove Dad's expedition when I was 16. Later on that day we went over to your house and I burst into tears as soon as your mom opened the door. She said, "What's wrong?". And Dad said, "I think she needs a hug from her aunt." Then she gave me a big one. She did give the best hugs.

  5. Wow. You are a wonderful writer. Powerful.

  6. I hear ya. You are so good to recognize that with the hard there is so much good as well.

  7. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    brooke. I love you. and I think the exclamation point rule falls under the category of rules are made to be broken. I mean, there is sooo much exciting stuff in life that it would be ungrateful to refuse an exclamation point from 99.99999% of them. i love you. -Amanda


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