Silver Lining: Multitasking

July 3, 2010


Who says you can’t multitask?

Besides every behavior psychologist in the world, of course, who say that multitasking people not only perform tasks less efficiently but lose time in the process.

This week I’ve given myself lots of practice with multitasking. Examples:

In biology I made a grocery list while pushing termites aimlessly around on a paper in a way that was supposed to reveal their nesting habits and several things about the ink in ballpoint pens. All while thinking about caring people and Gold’s Gym and cars named Patron.

In creative writing I ate grapes while brainstorming ideas for my next poem and listening to my teacher rant about the exact reasons why she believes TV rots your literary and poetic brain.

In choir I snuck in a friend and we laughed the whole time while the teacher {tried} to get our mostly white choir to sound like an all-black choir. That teacher apparently believes that anything, including extreme cultural, racial and stylistic differences, can be overcome by proper vowel placement. Bless his heart.

I drove to and from the cabin while holding Levi’s hand and still paying attention to the road. Mostly.

This weekend I unloaded boxes at our family’s new house in Alpine in between long bouts of swimming in the pool, which resulted in

Falling asleep on the couch in between applying layers of aloe vera to my sunburned skin.

Three cheers for multitasking. And summer. And aloe vera.

1 comment:

  1. Yea for multitasking. Especially the driving while holding hands. It is something J and I have done for 14 years. Hope school is going well. Sounds like you are having fun.


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