Silver Lining: Come on Chronos

August 6, 2010

Come on Chronos

Whoever is in charge of syncing everyone else's schedules around my schedule has been slacking off lately.

Because this weekend I'm staying in Provo and losing everyone to absolutely horrible places. Such as:

  • My entire family and extended family is going to Hebgen (how dare they maintain my favorite family tradition!)
  • Levi's going camping (the nerve!)
  • Two of my roommates are going to Vegas for our friend's wedding (weddings are horrible. I just decided.)
  • One of my roommates who just barely got to Utah is going to a family reunion (obviously, she should know that I'm more important than reconnecting with her eternal family...)

Okay, but actually I'm really excited for all of them. And I'm excited to get all my projects and studying done this weekend so finals will be easy next week when everyone comes back. And I'm going to exercise until I go into cardiac arrest, and go to the temple, and call some old friends I haven't talked to in a while, and hang out with Caitlin (YAY for friends who stay in Provo!!!), and write missionary letters until the post office runs out of stamps.

And I have some exciting things coming up. I'm going to Hebgen after finals! And then my new job starts, and my best friends and I will move into the Elms together, and school will start again, and everything.

So, Chronos, Greek God of Time {I may or may not have just looked that up on google}, make this weekend be a fast and productive one. Please and thank you.


  1. when i eat smores and swim at bear lake i will send good vibes your way. and i forgot to bring et..............................

  2. aww brooke i'm sad that we left you! but guess what we've been back for a while and i havent see you yet! cuz you left me for some stupid job thing..i hate jobs. let's play okay!


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