Silver Lining: Ocean Eyes

August 9, 2010

Ocean Eyes

An extended metaphor poem I wrote for class. It was a lot different before my teacher made me revise it, and take out the good parts, and then put in better parts. Here's the final thing:

Ocean Eyes

Between soft sandy eyelashes,

Your eyes are windows to the ocean.

Dangerous duke blue, a brilliant cerulean flash,

Green with promise, a silver grey mist;

Always mesmerizing, always changing

As your champagne tide comes, goes, comes again.

Dolphins cavort in the tiny wrinkles I see

When you smile, and when you cry

Tide pools softly bloom.

Sometimes I glimpse,

Between the flashes of sharp salt and soft sand,

Hidden depth, treasure chests and

Secrets buried in the keel of a sunken ship

Locked with a rusted key I’m still searching for.

I’ll play patiently in the sun-bathed foam

Until you surface with the mysteries in your ocean eyes.

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