Silver Lining: Roommates

August 29, 2010


This Wednesday I moved into my apartment. Which means… I have roommates again! Finally! For the first time since last November! This means…

I’m almost never home alone,

and there’s always someone laughing about something,

and music is playing,

and we’re all fighting over the one working bathroom sink (still waiting for maintenance to turn on the water in our other sink…),

and we’re teasing each other,

and cracking up about inside jokes that nobody else understands,

and people always come and go and just stop by to say hi.

I’m a people-oriented person, so absolutely I love it.

Plus, we went to DI and Walmart yesterday to make our apartment look less like an apartment and more like a home.

{We’re classy, eh? I’m quite proud of our little 304B, if I do say so myself. I have to resist the urge to call everyone I know and make them come see it… JT, Mad, Jennn, Julie, this means you!}

When you’re living with your best friends, everything looks more exciting, better, more positive. Exhibit A: the view out my window is 20% sky! instead of 80% brick wall. And our apartment is cozy! and intimate! not cramped….

First day of school tomorrow!


  1. I LOVED being in college and living with such good friends. What an exciting time in your life!

    Good luck this semester!


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