Silver Lining: Comforts

September 4, 2010


There are certain comforts in life that soothe the effects of an overwhelming first week of school, such as an aunt who visits specifically to make you feel appreciated and loved, and ladies who swerve out of their lane to admire shirtless runners (“for my nieces, of course!”), not to mention the laughter when you realize that the waitress asking if you’re doing okay is referring to your empty soda glasses, not the tears you’re each wiping on your napkins.

And there are certain inalienable truths that make sick days so much more bearable, like roommates who rub your back, and make you feel loved and missed at fun activities, and boys who make fun of your haven’t-looked-in-a-mirror-all-day hair, and comforting kisses on the forehead, not to mention frequent doses of Tylenol Cold, and the occasional readjustment of a beautiful handmade quilt.


  1. You're so wonderful. I hope you are feeling better today. Love you.

  2. I sure love reading your thoughts. I Love you.

  3. The first week of school...what a roller coaster of excitement and being overwhelmed. And you were sick on top of it!? Glad you found some things to make you feel better.

    The quilts really are beautiful.

    And I'm going to miss you in Art Lit this year!


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