Silver Lining: Trepidation and Crunchy Leaves

September 21, 2010

Trepidation and Crunchy Leaves

Today it felt like fall.

Fall is when you get to wear cardigans every single day, and when you sit under trees to study and get distracted by the dappled sunshine, and the air is so crisp you can taste it, and the trees dress like royalty, and you almost get hit by cars every day because everyone knows the leaves on the road are the crunchiest.

Fall in Oregon is beautiful.

For so many years, these beautiful side streets were my home.

Fall in Utah is beautiful too.

With the arrival of my favorite season comes the one year anniversary of the arrival of the brain tumor. In a month it will have been an entire year since my angel mother was diagnosed. It's hard for me to comprehend. I'll be going through the motions of Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and my birthday, and Christmas, and New Year with all those memories of the last holiday season.

I wonder how hard it will be.


  1. you said dappled. just get benadryl. and dr pepper. we both know that works. right?

  2. Michelle BinghamSeptember 22, 2010

    Brooke, I love reading your Blog. You are inspiring. I remember too. The other day I was at Multnomah Falls and remembered being there with cub scouts organized by your sweet mother. She was amazing. I miss her too.

  3. My first fall at BYU was the most amazing season ever. I laid out on the grass almost every afternoon wondering at the perfect weather. You seem like you do such a good job of noticing the good while going through the bad. Probably you got that from your mom.


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