Silver Lining: Coconut

September 27, 2010


Today, I laughed

and laughed

until I cried

and laughed more

and peed my pants

and laughed more.

Then, we came home and cleaved a coconut.


  1. yay! Had so much fun with you tonight! Bless this chillllllddd (with tp) and Excuse me ma'am, *oh crap, its a boy!*

  2. Oh man! I love it! "Cleaved a coconut" that's hilarious because i'm sure it was anything but cleaving you all did to get it open.

  3. Not sure what this is about, but whatever it was, it must have been funny... I'm mostly just leaving a comment here to see what the secret message is in the squiggle code!

  4. Brooke, i love your laugh. My memories will never let that go. I however, am glad i know nothing about the peeing.


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