Silver Lining: grain by grain

October 5, 2010

grain by grain

How Heavenly Father answered my prayers today:

· I finally found my cherry chapstick! {it had been two whole days. My lips almost remembered how to survive without it… close call, I know}

· I saw a couple in the library acting so cute it made me sick

· an old roommate came over so I could help congratulate her on her upcoming wedding

· and a neighbor came over so I could help sympathize with her on her breakup

· the testing center told me I’m fantastic! {for you non-BYU people, that means I got an A on my midterm}

· I sat next to a guy in said testing center who smelled SO GOOD…. it should be illegal to smell good when someone near you is trying to concentrate on a test

· my little siblings reminded me of Bananaphone, the feel-good song we danced to every morning to get us through that long, lonely winter

· I ran into an old friend on campus. It’s nice when someone knows who you are without months of getting to know each other.

Heavenly Father always knows what's up. To say the least.

Now I’m totally geared up to be on campus tomorrow from 7:40 AM ‘till 9:30 PM!!!!

…. oh wait. 7:40 to 9:30.


  1. WHAAAT!?! Come on! Everyone knows mint Chapstick is the only way to go. Especially after that unfortunate Katy Perry song...*shudder*.

    And really? I've been holding my breath for the battle of the wizards. You disappoint. How can I argue with "How Heavenly Father Answers My Prayers"? Way to pick something that is controversial in absolutely no way whatsoever. This is so not edgy, it's center!


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