Silver Lining: 12 Days of Winter Break

January 2, 2011

12 Days of Winter Break

But don't sing it, okay? I didn't count syllables or anything {that's way too much work for winter break], so just read it. Okay? Okay.

12 lounging around days

11 mini bell peppers for lunch each day

10 rounds of cards I played with Emma each day. I won't disclose how many of those rounds I lost...

9 or more blissful hours of sleep each night

8 chocolate oranges {they have mint ones now too! Talk about delicious}

7 (ish) amazing days spent with Sam. We like to stay up late and toss big words around.

6 panic attacks from intense moments in Donkey Kong Country Returns

5 novels I devoured. Three cheers for binge reading.

4 bruises from playing launch! and other cool games with the cousins

3 times an hour I missed home in Oregon

2 days we were snowed in! Being unable to leave the house was so much fun.

1 amazing family.


  1. Hi Brooke-Oregon misses you too :) There is a new family in our ward, their son reminds me of sweet Nicko :) Sounds like you had a wonderful break! -Colleen

  2. And now, back to the old grind. Good thing we have life to remind us how wonderful the breaks are!

    Have a great semester!

  3. Did you really eat 11 mini bell peppers every day? Just contemplating that many vegetables at once makes me lose my appetite!

  4. heart this and heart you :)


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