Silver Lining: Ice

January 13, 2011


Here's my latest obsession:

{all pictures stolen shamelessly from google images}

Icicles are so cool.

They're sparkly in the sun.

And they can get huge.
{I saw one Monday that was 10 feet tall and thicker than me!}

And it's fun to swordfight with them.

On the other hand, ice can also be... not so nice. Specifically, when it's in a tiny invisible sheet on the ground, so you think the sidewalk's just wet, so you walk on it, so you flail around in the air for a while in your TOMS {which apparently have a downside after all??}, so you fall all the way down, so you get a bruise on your leg, so it's embarrassing.

Oh well. Go read Frost's "Fire and Ice" or Longfellow's "Woods in Winter" for your daily dose of culture. Or better yet, go find an icicle and have a swordfight.

1 comment:

  1. Ice, Ice, baby. dun, dun, dun, dadadadun.

    Vanilla Ice...You may be too young for that...? Any way. Just remember not to lick the yellow icicles.


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