Silver Lining: Ice Obsessions: Part 2

February 5, 2011

Ice Obsessions: Part 2

It's official.

I'm in love.

....with these ice castles.

They're over 40 feet high. We just walked around them and gaped at them.

We also walked through them {yes, you can walk through these ice castles!}

We also took crazy pictures, and got yelled at for climbing on them, and danced in them, and played tag with Ryan and Carly, and warmed our hands on the heater.

Here's the link to the guy's blog with all the information. Check it out. Fall in love. Plan dates there. Dream about them.

I'd love to rave about these ice castles for hours, but....

I'm leaving for Logan in five hours!

So I'll just post a semi-dramatic silhouette picture and call it a beautiful {freezing} evening.

Sweet dreams everyone.


  1. They look super cool. And you guys look super cute.

  2. Oh man, I want to plan a date there now!


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