Silver Lining: the cessation of sagacity

March 15, 2011

the cessation of sagacity

Every day, I think "I'm going to post a cute blog about my life. I'll include pictures, and vignettes, and go on and on about Sam!"

Then, I try, and.......


College is not conducive to creativity.

But I am doing fun things, like
-hiking the Y
-planning a bridal shower
-lunch dates
-spending time with Sam {by the way, we're notoriously bad at taking pictures together. Really. One of us has to be making a face, or smiling weirdly, or the lighting's weird. Hopefully, one day we'll take a normal picture. That's not to much to ask, right? Right?? Just one normal picture???}

Warning: this next part is nothing but loopy, and definitely unrelated. I'm so tired. Probably don't read it. You've been warned.

The perfect post is prevaricating. It's prohibiting.

{Just wait. It gets worse.}

Stop stewing. I'm staunchly standing by cyber space. Stay sustained through the cessation of sagacity.

Ha. I warned you :)



  1. If I knew those words, I would probably think you're silly. Right now, I just think you're smart.

    P.S. I totally get the picture thing. Same here. Lame!


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