Silver Lining: in snapshots

March 11, 2011

in snapshots

Some cool things I did last week:

Ate at a yummy healthy restaurant. The ceiling is a lemon tree.

Slept in a tent.
On the cold cement.
In the middle of the week.
It was so cold we had to make a 4:30am run for hot chocolate, hand and toe warmers,
and more coats.

Smeared blue toxins on my face with the one and only Johanna.
So worth the alleged medical ramifications.

Got my static electricity on with Sam.
Have I mentioned lately how great Sam is?
He's great.
We like each other.

Last week was fun.

Meanwhile, this week......

this was the best picture I could come up with.

{two observations about this photo:
1. my paper is upside down, which just goes to show how productive I was being...
2. isn't the flower in my hair cute?? The amazing Michelle Clouse sewed it for me. Like, with a needle, thread, a button and some scraps of fabric! She's talented}


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a fun week. You look 12 in the picture of you sleeping!

  2. That restaurant (my 8th grade English teacher did her darndest to teach us how to spell "restaurant", but spell check gets me every time!) looks so fun. And fancy. And congrats on using your own pictures for a post! Love the one of you sleeping.

  3. Too bad we got Jimmered after sleeping in that tent and putting all that potentially hazardous material on our faces. Good times.

  4. yay! i'm on the Spank's blog! ps: i had schhoooo much fun with you! :)


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