Silver Lining: Coral-Colored Suspicions

March 30, 2011

Coral-Colored Suspicions

So, I'm starting to be very suspicious.

Why, might you ask?

Because of the three roses sitting on my table.

Sam keeps leaving one rose a day for me.

Three roses, three different colors, three days.

Day 1: yellow. the color of spring.
Day 2: deep red.
Day 3: light coral. one of my favorite colors.

The first rose was a pleasant and beautiful surprise, the second day was coincidence {and that's stretching it}, but by day three..... I'm starting to get suspicious.

I think he may be going somewhere with this...

Here's my rose routine:
  1. Find the rose
  2. Freak out, giggle, smile, smell the rose, admire the color, show it off to everyone in a 5-mile radius
  3. Unwrap it very carefully and add it to my vase
  4. Pour Sprite in the vase to keep the roses fresh {little known fact: Sprite's the best for rose longevity. I hear bleach works too}
  5. Dance around the kitchen with various roommates who come waltzing in and out
  6. Send Sam multiple texts raving about my latest rose
  7. Stare dreamily at it while dishes and homework pile up behind me
  8. Repeat the next day

I know it's greedy of me, but .... do you think I'll get another one tomorrow??


  1. What an intriguing question...who knows?


  3. this is only too cute. i love this boy and i dont even know him. i am so happy for you!!


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