Silver Lining: Cloud 10

April 2, 2011

Cloud 10

You guys.

You guys!!!

This is a very special ring!

On a very special finger!!!


I'd post more, but I can't focus right now.

I'm so giddy/ twitterpated/ smiley/ giggly/ happy. I've never been on such a high.

I'll post more when I finally come down from cloud nine.

If I ever come down, that is.



  1. :) too cute. congrats girl!!

  2. So excited!!! You've done well, Brooke! And your ring is very beautiful--and special. Stop smiling, I dare you to try!

  3. Post a close up of the ring!!! It looks so pretty.

  4. you are too cute!!! and you're ring looks beautiful!!! CONGRATS!!!!


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