Silver Lining: The Last Supper

April 12, 2011

The Last Supper

Three years ago, when I first came to college, I moved in to an apartment with five random people. I didn't know any of my roommates, and I was scared to death.

We had a dinner together that first week. It looked like this:

Tonight, we had our very last roommate dinner. It was a classy affair, complete with sparking cider and toasts for the future and our favorite dishes.

My roommates are my best friends.

They're also my late-night party people:

And my partners in crime:

And my crazy adventurers:

And did I mention they're my best friends?

This summer, we're going our separate ways and doing exciting things.

Katie - Katie's getting married to her hilarious, gentle, perfect-for-her Nickie. It's been so fun to talk non-stop weddings with her. {Katie I'm going to dedicate a whole post to how amazing you are. Promise.}

CaitCait - is staying in Utah this summer to work and be beautiful {and hang out with me!}

Heather McFeather - is our little world traveler. This summer it's England, Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and other cultured places.

Mandi Pandi - is pouring coffee and running errands in Washington DC this summer. And she's going to be the most beautiful intern this nation has ever known.

Johannesburg - is going home to do amazing things with her family this summer in Wisconsin. Included are: golfing, frequenting state fairs, laughing with her family, and working out.

I love my roommates. The only thing that stops me from being so sad about not being their roommate anymore is the prospect of a very high caliber future roommate.... :)


  1. What a fun group of girls. Luckily, you have this awesome blog to stay in touch...and facebook...and twitter...and texting.... You guys have it so much better than I did!


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