Silver Lining: Believe

April 16, 2011


From A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens: *spacing added*

‘For the first time the Doctor felt, now,

that his suffering was strength and power.

For the first time he felt that in that sharp fire, he had slowly forged the iron

which could break the prison door and deliver him.

It all tended to a good end; it was not mere waste and ruin.

And when Jarvis Lorry saw the kindled eyes, the resolute face,

the calm strong look and bearing of the man whose life

always seemed to him to have been stopped,

like a clock, for so many years,

and then set going again with an energy,

he believed.’

When I realize for the millionth time how hard it is to plan a wedding without my mom

Sam rubs my back, and believes.

He also takes me into the temple

and believes.

I believe too.

And mom believes too.


  1. Yes she does. Beautiful post. When's the date?

  2. It breaks my heart that she is not here for this. I mean here here. It is every mother's dream to see her beautiful daughter married in the temple to a wonderful man. She would definitely want something chocolate at the reception. She always said, If it isn't chocolate, it isn't dessert.

  3. That is a great quote. I wish she was here here too. I'm glad you're finding ways to make it through. You're certainly much more strong and positive than many people would be.

  4. And the chocolate dessert part will be relatively easy to achieve!


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