Silver Lining: Mark and Jessa

April 20, 2011

Mark and Jessa

Today, I am soaking up the cloud cover and relishing in my six-day break from school.

I spent my morning running errands.

Fun fact: I love running errands.

Next up: I think I'll go to Canada this weekend with my fiance. Yep, I will. I can't think of a more perfect way to spend my break, really.

Which brings us to...


This is Mark and Jessa

Things about Mark and Jessa:
1. They're Canadian.
2. They're getting married.
3. They helped out when Sam engaged me.
Ever wonder how our gazebo was magically lit up?
Mark and Jessa are magic, that's how.
4. They go to Hare Krishna with us and throw chalk with us.
5. They are HILARIOUS.
6. They own a fabulous red truck named Old Blue.
7. In the fall, they can be married friends
{Sam and I are building up our supply of married friends}

Congratulations Mark and Jessa! And thank you for being Canadian so we could flee the country for a fabulous {and semi-freezing} weekend getaway.

1 comment:

  1. They seem almost as cool as you and Sam! :)

    Have fun this weekend, eh. Say hi to the Barenaked Ladies for me and enjoy that delicious bacon.

    Whoooa. My secret code word was "stess." One more letter and I could have been in for a rough time.


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