Silver Lining: oxycodone

May 29, 2011


My world lately is hospital socks, and water bottles, and an elevated foot. It’s watching movies through half-closed eyes, and groggy oxycodone dreams. Sam teases me that my medicine makes me act like a five-year-old, and he’s right, because I was so proud when I made it down the stairs all by myself.

It’s not that things happen for a reason, but that everything happens for many reasons.

We could blame the dreams on the nature of this holiday weekend, but that’s not why I wake up with a wet pillow. In my dreams, she’s taking care of me.

More often than not, I sleep on the couch now. It’s because Sam can tuck me in, and put my medicine right next to my makeshift bed, and give me a goodnight kiss {and then a few more of those}, and then say a prayer, exchange a few more goodnight kisses for good measure, and turn off the lights for me.

Everything happens for many reasons.

1 comment:

  1. I especially like your red toenail in the first picture. Thanks for hanging out with us even in your medicine induced stupor. Love you! Hope it didn't wear you out too much.


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