Silver Lining: To the fullest

June 18, 2011

To the fullest

I went to my best friend’s wedding today, and remembered what it’s all about.

Having a pretty dress on your wedding day is nice.

Flowers and cake and bridesmaids are nice too.

But what it’s really about is this –

Sam and I are getting married in this temple seven Saturdays from now.

You see, we always want to be with each other. Growing old together and spending the rest of our lives together just isn’t enough for us. We want more.

So we decided to be sealed in a holy temple. This way, we can be together forever. Forever. Past death, past separation, past time, towards eternity’s bright light.

That way, when Sam and I walk out of the temple hand in hand, we’ll be the happiest we can be, knowing that we get to be together forever.

That’s what Katie and Nick’s absolute joy told me today. I know it’s true, and I’ve wanted it since I was a little girl. Now, I get to be a big girl and see those dreams come true. It’s the biggest blessing in my life.

Also, watch this video. I can't get enough of these ideas lately.

P.S. As soon as I have pictures, I’ll write more about the wonderful Allred wedding :)

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  1. Brooke, you are so awesome and Sam is so awesome and your post is so awesome and I can't believe the wedding is coming up so fast and I need to call you because I have wedding info to discuss but I can't right now because I'm behind on everything and I have to hustle to the airport to get Michelle and I don't want to be late love ya see ya bye.


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