Silver Lining: Even Better

June 24, 2011

Even Better

I had lots of elaborate plans for my blog today.

A post about my upcoming blog makeover. It's time. It's so time. {Incidentally, the only thing I need still is a new blog banner. If someone is artistic or has a cool application on their computer, and works for like a $1 commission....... let me know.}

A post about wedding plans.

A post about vacations coming up.

Yet another post about Sam.

However..... Sam's whisking me off this weekend to Bear Lake to vacation with his family. I guess I better go, in the spirit of being a dutiful fiancee.


Happy weekend!


  1. Have fun at Bear Lake. Your wedding is going to be awesome!

  2. Oh, Darn. A vacation. How hard for you. I hope you can endure it well.

    And then give us those promised blog posts! (Yay!) :)

    P.S. I still want lunch soon...


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