Silver Lining: Registry

June 27, 2011


Last Friday Sam and I did three things we're really good at:

1. Friday date night
2. cracking each other up
3. taking ugly pictures of ourselves

Location: Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Duration: waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too long. But who knew registering could be so much fun?

At first, it was just a blast. We ran around scanning everything we could.

{so many mirrors to choose from, so little time}

Then, we began to get a little tired...

And thus, a little more silly....

Want to know the best discovery of the night?

Mini ice cube trays!!!! Cubettes, people! Do they even work? Are they flimsy? Will they break on the first use? Irrelevant. I'll be the first to admit I'm more excited about this item than several other crucial items, including pots, pans, a vacuum, and sheets for our bed.

Yes please.

Basically, registering was really fun and it got me excited for our little lovenest {what we've fondly christened our future basement apartment}. 

And did I mention the cubettes?


  1. you should have kept the ice trays a secret. Who knows, someone might break them...

  2. Looks like fun! I hope Bed, Bath and Beyond survived!


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