Silver Lining: Hebgen = Heaven

July 5, 2011

Hebgen = Heaven

At 2:30 this morning, I got back from the best place on earth. Hebgen Lake, Montana. I love love love Hebgen. 

5. Under rated, over stated. 

 Hebgen is actually a small shack in the middle of a few cow fields. The nails poke through the roof in some upstairs bedrooms, and nobody leaves without a mosquito bite (or 10.. or 14, in my case). It's nothing to brag about, yet it's the best place on earth.

4. Fun things to do

We canoe, we hike, we ride ATVs, we go to the Haunted Tractor, we beach it up, we play Hebgen Ball, we ride horses, we watch plays, we laugh until we cry, we sleep in, we read books, we repeat the next day. 

3. It's a vacation

No work, no school. I never even know what time it is. It's rejuvenating for the soul.

2. Sam was there

After years and years of watching second cousins bring their fiances and new spouses to Hebgen, it was finally my turn! It was so so so fun to have him participate in everything, and see how well he fits into our family, and just be with him all day every day. He's so handsome, and he rocked at Hebgen Ball.

1. Family

When someone comes or goes, the whole family's out on the porch giving hugs. The big cousins play with the little cousins. We understand the healing in an honorary 5-layer chocolate birthday cake, as well as rubber shoe laces and a shirt with snaps down the front. We show and tell our love.

That's why Hebgen = heaven.

{Sammy and I have matching outfits. Cute, I know. Too cute. Don't barf. Hebgen Ball shirts, sweatpants, and mocs. The best outfit for cuddling and hanging out with the fam on a lazy Hebgen evening}


  1. I love how Adalyn is making sure she is in the picture by hanging over my right shoulder.

  2. We miss you and wish you could have stayed longer!!! You missed the amazing fireworks in which one rocket fired sideways, denting Dave's RV trailer; and one firework exploded right next to us creating a sonic boom that deafened us for 15 minutes and nearly ruptured our eardrums.

    Good times.

  3. I love this post Brooke! Every word of it is true :) I love our family!!


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