Silver Lining: lace and pearls

July 7, 2011

lace and pearls

Wedding plans are taking over my life.  

{I warned you when Sam engaged me. I said this would become a wedding-friendly blog. And I definitely kept my word.... read on at your own risk}

It's fun. I love how wedding planning makes me be creative and figure out my personality. Also, since I have a pretty low wedding budget, it's like a puzzle, figuring out how I can create what I want without spending too much money.

In the morning, I wake up and get wedding stuff done.

I cross things off my huge double-sided wedding checklist.

I go to work and talk to my married friends about weddings {spend less on the dress --  you only wear it once, and more on photography -- that's the only thing you keep after the big day}

I come home tired and daydream the night away with my fiance about what married life will be like.

I go to sleep and have dreams about lace and pearls and our lovenest.


It's all about the details in my wedding.

Details like these buttons down the back of my dress

And this color scheme

And this quiet design in the corner of my announcement

And the pearl necklace my mother wore on her wedding day that will complete my outfit in just thirty days.

Three cheers for weddings!

And to all my married readers - what advice do you have for wedding planning? Something you wish you did? Something you wish you didn't do? Money-saving tips? I love your comments :)


  1. It looks like it will be perfect! You are so right, it is all about the little details and what is important to you. For me, flowers were important. Chance didn't quite understand but for some reason, I just cared a lot about which ones I got :) And, I totally agree, spend less on the dress and more on photography. I loved my dress but it was cheap and I will never regret that :) Good luck with everything coming up!

  2. My favorite wedding advice that I received...

    After you open all your gifts and look at all those fancy serving dishes that don't seem practical at this point in your life and it seems that it will take a lifetime before you ever use them and you are EXTREMELY tempted to return them and use the money for something more useful, STOP! And keep them. Because it will be FOREVER before you can afford fancy serving dishes and you will be so glad that you have them tucked away.

    And I AGREE...less on everything else, more on photos. But keep the photos in a book. No one wants to see 50 million pictures of you and your groom plastered around your house. Pick one favorite picture and put the rest in a loveley album on your coffee table. We spent far too little on our pics and I've regretted it for 15 years.

    Found your family was in Hebgen when I passed through and completely for got to get your number. Sending you xoxo anyway! :)

  3. this post title should be 'lace and pearls and in-and-out'. ps the color scheme us absolutely daaaaaaaahling.

  4. It's going to be perfect.

  5. Pearls have been fashioned into beautiful jewelry throughout much of human history and have long been a favorite choice of brides for their wedding jewelry. They are cherished as symbols of purity and perfection, elegance and affluence. They never go out of style and are a wedding keepsake that you can wear throughout your lifetime. Thanks a lot.

  6. Problem: I just saw your wedding dress in this post.....

  7. I love your invite! I got 4 while I was on vacation (it's a big marriage year for our ward) and yours was definitely the cutest. I love the paper you chose. Can't wait! The pearl necklace is beautiful. I wish I had worn better jewelry for my wedding. And get your hair done really pretty, but I'm sure you already have plans for that.


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