Silver Lining: weekandahalf

June 7, 2011


That's how long until my term's over. I. Can't. Wait. I'll have been going to school for a year straight. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Summer, fall, winter, and spring. Needless to say, I can't wait for that 8-week break.

Plus it's one mile marker closer to being married!

So - for the next week and a half I'm locking myself up alone to finish all my projects and papers and presentations. {except for surprise visits from my fiance, of which I've had three so far}

My survival kit:
1. bright coral nails. Nail polish makes typing 3500 times more fun.
2. my most comfortable footwear AKA moccasins. Well, one moccasin, one medical boot... but let's not get technical here.
3. hair pulled back out of my face. I concentrate so much better.

4. fruit snacks and Sara Bareilles for my 5-minute breaks.

Wish me luck on all my stuff! Say a prayer for me, meditate for me, scatter some ashes for me, whatever your style is.

See you when my projects are done.



  1. 1. You were adorable today.
    2. Sara Bareilles. Favorite.
    3. When's the date? I don't know why I don't know.
    4. You can do it!!!!

  2. Good luck! And FYI: I'm always praying for you.

    I agree with 1 through 4.0, but not so much 4.5. :)

  3. Yay for a week and a half to go! And that nail polish is stunning, I love that color. Good luck and see you soon.

  4. oh man i miss pre finals and sometimes post finals cram sessions. . . love you :)


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