Silver Lining: Creativity

September 2, 2011


After the first hectic week of school, I figured out the theme for this semester:


I get to be really creative this semester.

School is a lot of work, and work is a lot of work, and marriage is a lot of work. I get to be creative in making each of those work together.

My classes (which are awesome, by the way. I am so passionate about education, and I love my classes) require a lot of creativity. Every project is a creative exercise. That's why they all take so long. No mindless regurgitation involved.

Sam and I are on campus from 7:30am-5:00pm at least. Every day. Then, we drag ourselves home, scrounge up a meal that doesn't take too long to cook (inevitably I'm ravenous), then do homework, and collapse in bed, wishing we had time to do a million things. It's not bad, though. We get to be creative to make things work, and I like the challenge of figuring things out. 

P.S. Look what I did this week {I'm really proud of this}:

I took a plain picture frame, some fabric, and red spray paint,

I sprayed the frame red, stuck some magnets on the back, and tacked the fabric to the cardboard (actually, I used elmer's glue and masking tape. We don't own anything more professional)

Put it all together, et voila! A whiteboard!

I'm overly proud of this thing.

And now that I'm diving into this broke, in-school housewife thing.... what are your favorite DIY craft ideas? Things you have in your home (or wish you did)? Creative decorations?


  1. Something that I've heard of that I really want to try is to have a gratitude board. You can sit down with your family/husband and write down everything you can think of that you are thankful for. Little things, big things, all of it. Then you type up all those things in some fancy font you like, print them out, and arrange them all around a larger print out of the word "Gratitude." Then you frame it all! Cute huh! I still want to try it. Also, I've heard of framing love letters you and your husband have possibly written in the past. Super cute.

    I love that you love education too! It's going to be an awesome semester!

  2. I don't understand how fabric can be a white board? Wait, no! I figured it out. I forgot about the glass!!! Very creative.

  3. You made that?! I saw that last night and thought it was SO SO cute!!!!! I was going to ask where you got it, but then forgot!! And we can totally come up with fun and cheap ways to decorate your white walls. :)


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