Silver Lining: firsts: a haircut

September 27, 2011

firsts: a haircut

Sam and I, being the madly in love newlyweds that we are, have done a lot of 'firsts' lately.

First time using all our new kitchen appliances.

First time going to an activity with our new ward.

First time Sam realized I can never turn off a light or the oven.

And yesterday, I cut Sam's hair for the first time.

Clearly, it was a transcendent moment.

It's fine. I'm a professional.

P.S. Thank you Cooks for providing the buzzers and the extensive moral support. And if we hypothetically found a small spot that I missed... we might swing by soon and beg the use of your razor for another 30 seconds :)

1 comment:

  1. No first fight yet in your list, so that's good.

    And oh, the memories. I cut Dave's hair in that exact same kitchen when we were newly weds. And look how good we turned out...


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