Silver Lining: Segway: a photo and video journey

September 25, 2011

Segway: a photo and video journey

Yesterday was date day. But not just any date. One of the most fun dates we've ever been on.

Thanks to the best wedding gift from our aunt and uncle, we had a gift pass to Thanksgiving Point to rent Segways and ride around on them. Holy cow. So fun. I will never make fun of mall cops again, because that's how cool Segways are.

For your personal entertainment: a photo and video journey:

Getting the hang of it was a little tricky

And we're off!

We had so much fun zooming around and seeing all the sights

And visiting all the spots where we took our engagement pictures

Sam got a little scraped up once... 
Public service notice: it's much easier to kiss if both parties dismount the Segways and remove their helmets than when both parties are on Segways equipped with internal balance systems.
A safer attempt:

And side note: does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? They're gorgeous!

This video says it all. Thank you for a perfect date Reed and Geneal!


  1. This is Geneal. Pretty fun, huh? We're glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. That does look like a ton of fun! Sam's pretty talented on his Segway!

  3. Great wedding present idea! I've always wanted to be a mall cop, by the way. Get paid to scooter around? Yes please!


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