Silver Lining: the Bennetts

September 18, 2011

the Bennetts

This is Mark. He's one of Sam's best friends.

They dressed up like this for Halloween:

Mark once taught me to drive his (stick shift!) red truck named Old Blue.

Then, I met Jessa. Jessa is SO sweet and nice, and you can tell she's not hiding behind a competitive or comparison-based facade. She's just Jessa.

This is Mark and Jessa. They are one of my favorite couples, even though we didn't believe they were engaged until they showed us the receipt for the ring (nobody pays that much for a prank, people.).

See my posts about their awesome Canadian wedding here and here.

Mark and Jessa have lots of things in common with Sam and I.

We like to go to Hindu festivals together.

Sam and Mark both like to stamp chalk hands on the bums of their women {boys....}.

And apparently, we have a lot of history with watching people kiss.

Mark gave an AMAZING speech at our wedding. And they once rescued us from an embarrassing escapade involving Y mountain at 2am..... No pictures will be posted from that incident, and that's final.

Mark and Jessa have been the best married friends we could ask for. Now it's time for them to move on. Last week, they left to go home to Canada and focus on adding a very special third person to their family. Sam and I were really very sad when they left. In fact,  even my husband, my very stoic husband who never cries, got choked up when they left.

Mark and Jessa, we love you guys. We are so excited for your new adventures. Best of luck! And when you come visit, you know where to find us, and a place to sleep, and a giant bag of popcorn to devour :)

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  1. Sad for you guys to lose such great friends. Maybe you can make new friends from your ward. Just be careful because oxygen is flammable.


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