Silver Lining: Mr. Macadoodle and the debatable necessity of pants

September 17, 2011

Mr. Macadoodle and the debatable necessity of pants

On this particular Saturday afternoon, I find myself in the kitchen, dancing to ridiculously girlish songs and cooking dinner at the same time. I shan't say a word about what I'm wearing so as to uphold My Public Image, lest future employers or Cecil Himself read this blog. But let me just say this - are pants really necessary at a time like this? My old roommates know all about that.

So here I am simmering and swaying and possibly sans pants in the kitchen. Husband is shaking his head and threatening You Don't Want to Know if I don't put on a BYU shirt in the next X minutes. To him I say "hellloooooooo, I'm simmering here!"

This afternoon is a time of deep introspection as well. The object of my introspection is Mr. Macadoodle. Mr. Macadoodle was named three seconds ago when I decided he needed a name if he were going to be a worthy post on my blog.

You see, Mr. Macadoodle is a bag of popcorn. He lived and loved and snacked with us for four whole days before we found him a better home.

Mr. M,
You were delicious. 
Please don't be mad at our separation.
It was made with nothing but the best of intentions and a lack of storage space.
May your kernels live to get stuck in the molars of many a generation.
And while I have you here, what is your opinion on wearing pants?
Still Picking Kernels Out

1 comment:

  1. Well, let's see...

    I think no pants is fine, but be advised that the one time you are dancing with no pants is the exact moment that someone will come to the door. I know this to be a fact.

    And Mr. M.: Popcorn is an excellent source of fiber so I'm not sure parting was such a good idea...Bran muffins anyone?


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