Silver Lining: the cure (to world hunger?)

October 25, 2011

the cure (to world hunger?)

Sam and I have this fabulous array of fallen leaves outside our lovenest apartment. I refuse to let anyone rake them up because crunching them happens to be my sole consolation when I leave freakishly early for school.  And when I come home from work late at night, crunching those leaves makes all the difference. Huge crunches, you understand. This is no minor league shedding tree.

But alas. The yard service where I live came today. And now the leaves are gone. GONE! There are only a few left that I dug up from under a bush and some that I salvaged from the grate. Am I desperate to crunch leaves? No. Just following my joy. People do that nowadays.

Just when I decided to be mature about the whole thing, something else happened. I was pouring myself a glass of water to drown my leafless sorrows when I realized - the water filter is broken.

Now, let me explain. I grew up in one of those boring households where the water comes straight from a magic fridge. Those were the days, but little did I know.... I was missing out on water filters. You can actually see the water filtering in those things, people! With your naked eye! And you can hear the little drip-drop as the water falls into the chamber. Oh how I love dreaming watery dreams as I stare into the Brita and listen to the drip-drop of the water filter. Just ask the husband; he'll vouch.

Which is why I made Sammy take me to the creamery on 9th for a half gallon of Graham Canyon (it's a seasonal item, which means I spent a long time debating if I should buy upwards of 6 gallons now and save them in my freezer. because who knows when they might disappear from the shelves? which is also true of the mint m&ms they have at Christmas, except I am a lot more extreme about those because well have you tried them??).

Anyway, turns out snuggling and watching Hulu clips and eating Graham Canyon is the cure to horrible things such as  broken water filters, and blown away leaves, and maybe even world hunger. you never know.

A love lens picture of the water filter. May you dream watery, purified dreams tonight.

P.S. I'm still accepting people who would like to button swap with me. Send me an email or leave a comment and we'll get you all hooked up.


  1. Whenever I dream watery dreams I always wet the bed...perhaps you should reconsider your suggestion.

  2. And now I need to go to the bathroom...

    I'm back. Does the Creamery still make Witches Brew? That was my favorite seasonal ice cream.

  3. We're going to have to button swap....once I figure out how to do one.

    Also, I love you blog (I'll say it a million more times).

  4. such a cute, fun post! I want to button swap...maybe I will make one soon... like..tonight.. but from the looks of it I will need Taylor's help

  5. oooooo! you are such a doll!

    and yes, i would love to do a button swap! i am currently in china for two weeks. can you email me the dets?!


  6. I love filtered water. annnnd....I'm interested in a sponsor swap! Can you email me some details?

  7. Crunchy leaves are the best! Simple joys :)


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